CSI Newsletter February 2018

22nd February 2018 Welcome to the Centre for Social Investigation eNewsletter.   New Research We have published several new short articles on the drivers of Brexit-related preferences. A new briefing note, by Noah Carl, on the role of national identity showed that people who see themselves primarily as “English” were […]

Is Britain more divided than other nations?

Declining social cohesion is sometimes seen as an inevitable and lamentable side effect of modernization. Modern societies are more geographically mobile than in the past perhaps bringing about changes in the way people within neighbourhoods relate to each other. Growing economic inequality is thought to have brought about greater ‘social […]

Public preferences on sovereignty and policy decisions: New short report

The issue of sovereignty lies at the heart of the debate over Britain’s membership of the EU. According to Lord Ashcroft’s referendum-day poll, the most commonly cited reason for voting Leave was “the principle that decisions about the UK should be made in the UK”. Likewise, when respondents in the […]

Please sir, I want some more: an exploration of repeat foodbank use

Although growing foodbank use in Britain has been widely reported, pointing towards an escalating public health crisis, there is still much debate over the exact extent of their use. A new study published today in BMC Public Health looks to explore repeat foodbank use, a key evidence gap in our […]

CSI newsletter November 2017

Welcome to the Centre for Social Investigation eNewsletter, published 7th November 2017. You can download this newsletter as a pdf file. New Research Our Brexit project is well under way, with three short reports published since our last update. The first report is a review of the evidence so far: […]

New Brexit Reports on two big issues: the divorce bill and free movement

The so called “divorce bill” or “exit bill” has featured prominently in the Brexit news recently. The EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, has stated that we must first agree on how to calculate the final settlement amount before progress can be made in the negotiations, and has described the talks […]

Red lines and compromises: public opinion on the Brexit negotiations

The heated nature of the public discourse around Brexit suggests that the British public are not in a compromising mood, but is there evidence to back this up? We set out to discover what people think about the various aspects of the EU negotiations. Where are people more willing to […]

CSI Quarterly Newsletter: August 2017

Welcome to the Centre for Social Investigation eNewsletter, published 5th August 2017 (click here to download as pdf)   Announcements Our Brexit survey was launched earlier this month for our new ESRC-funded project intended to monitor changes in public attitudes relating to Brexit over the course of negotiations. Our survey […]

Brexit negotiations and public opinion – CSI’s Brexit survey launched

The team working on the Brexit project at CSI are pleased to announce that the fieldwork has commenced. The project on ‘Red lines and compromises’ began with a short pilot study among a panel of 100 people surveyed from across England, which included a knowledge quiz. Preliminary results suggest that […]