CSI Brexit 7: The State of Trust in British Politicians

In wave 8 of the CSI Brexit panel study, participants were asked to select which politician they trusted from a list we provided, including the main party leaders. Check CSI Brexit 7: The State of Trust in British Politicians for details.

Are today’s labour markets characterised by subjective job insecurity?

Insecure working conditions are increasingly prevalent in today’s labour markets. Many workers face the risk of their jobs being replaced by machines, as scientific progress has led to the development of technologies that are capable of carrying out many of the tasks that were previously reserved for humans. In the […]

CSI Newsletter March 2019

  Welcome to the Centre for Social Investigation eNewsletter. Please click on the individual items below or click here to download the newsletter.   New CSI research reveals high levels of job discrimination faced by ethnic minorities in Britain Funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research programme, CSI conducted field experiments […]

Anthony Heath advising on Kosovan attitudes survey

Anthony Heath has been acting as an adviser to RIDEA (The Research Institute for Development and European Affairs) in Kosovo, which have been conducting a survey on the attitudes of Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo to possible ways in which relations between Serbia and Kosovo could be normalised, leading to […]

Racial Discrimination in the British Labour Market: Evidence and panel discussion

Nuffield College’s Centre for Social Investigation organised a workshop at the British Academy on 18th January to present new research findings on racial discrimination in the British labour market. Valentina Di Stasio, former Research Fellow at CSI, introduced the new field experiment funded by the EC’s Horizon 2020 programme and […]

CSI Newsletter October 2018

      23rd October 2018   Welcome to the Centre for Social Investigation eNewsletter which you can also download as a pdf.   CSI’s book published with OUP: Social Progress in Britain   Our New book published on 27th September, sets out how much progress Britain has made since 1942. […]

What do art preferences have to do with political preferences? New research article

New paper from the Brexit project: Preference for realistic art predicts support for Brexit. Read or download here. Following the UK’s EU referendum in June of 2016, there has been considerable interest from scholars in understanding the characteristics, identities and attitudes that differentiate those who supported Leave from those who supported […]