Brexit Project

In May 2017, CSI initiated a landmark project to monitor public attitudes towards the Brexit negotiations, entitled Fixed, Crystallising or Diverging: Attitude formation and change in the run-up to Brexit.  This project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council’s The UK in a Changing Europe initiative.

See a project summary here.



14) November 2019: In wave 8 of the CSI Brexit panel study, participants were asked to select which politician they trusted from a list we provided, including the main party leaders. Check CSI Brexit 7: The State of Trust in British Politicians for details.


13) February 2019:  Leave and Remain voters’ knowledge of the EU after the referendum of 2016 published in Electoral Studies. Download the paper here.


12) January 2019: We contributed two pieces to the UK in a Changing Europe’s most recent collection of articles on public opinion. Download the full report here.

Are Leave voters less knowledgeable about the EU than Remain voters? Read online here.

National Identity and Brexit preferences. Read online.


11) September 2018: Preference for realistic art predicts support for Brexit published in the British Journal of Sociology. Download here.


10) July 2018: ‘Re-Leavers’ is a term to describe individuals who had voted Remain but who now believe that the referendum result should be implemented. But, what type of people are Re-Leavers? CSI Brexit 6: What distinguishes the Re-Leavers from the Firm Remainers?


9) July 2018: Is the public’s preference for ‘soft’ over ‘hard’ Brexit shifting over time? This new briefing note suggests that there has been little change since the Referendum, although the wording of the question matters for understanding what people think. CSI Brexit 5: The British Public’s Brexit Priorities


8) April 2018: What do Leave and Remain voters give as the main reason for their vote choice? And how well does each side understand the reasons of the other? Download the findings CSI Brexit 4: People’s Stated Reasons for Voting Leave or Remain


7) March 2018: Red Lines and Compromises: Mapping Underlying Complexities of Brexit Preferences published in Political Quarterly. Download here.


6) March 2018: We contributed a piece entitled Where should decisions be made?  to the UK in a Changing Europe’s report on local and devolved government.


5) January 2018: We contributed two pieces to UK in a Changing Europe’s public opinion report.

  • Should policies be decided at the European, national or sub-national level? Read online here.
  • Sovereignty and cooperation: different dimensions of Brexit.  Read here.


4) November 2017: Here we examine the link between national identity and support for Leaving or Remaining in the EU. CSI Brexit 3: National Identity and Support for Leave versus Remain


3) October 2017: This briefing note explores the degree to which Free Movement is considered to be a priority in the Brexit negotiations. Download CSI Brexit 2: Ending Free Movement as a Priority in the Brexit Negotiations


2) October 2017: This briefing note explores how much members of the British Public are willing to spend on the Divorce Bill. Download CSI Brexit 1: How much are people willing to pay for the Brexit divorce bill?


1) August 2017: This report, by Noah Carl, summarises the possible Brexit deals and what the British public appear to want. Download What sort of deal does the British public want?