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Brexiters like realism, remainers prefer impressionist art, study finds. The Guardian. Read article.

Theresa May’s Brexit plan is Remain by another name. The Spectator. Read article.

Brexit was not all about immigration: Remainers wrongly stereotyped Brexiteers, study says. Read article.

We Need To Tear Down Barriers Preventing Us From Building Community And Relationships: Blog by Chuka Umunna Labour MP for Streatham for the Huffington Post. Read blog.

Graduates ‘more likely to oppose redistribution of income’. Times Higher Education. Read article.



UK’s rising use of food banks reveals ‘unfolding public health crisis’, finds study. The Independent. Read article.

Brexit campaigners ‘use ECJ backlash to rally support for Rees-Mogg’. The Guardian. Read article.



This is why British Muslim women are more likely to be out of work. BuzzFeed news. Read article.

‘No money for over a month’: How benefit delays lead to hunger. The Guardian. Read article.

Low wages mean most of Britain’s poorest families are in WORKING households. The Daily Mirror. Read article.

One in three food bank users is a child, Oxford research shows. Oxfordshire Guardian. Read article.

One in three food bank users is a child, Oxford University scientists claim. Oxford Mail. Read article.

Benefit delays responsible for one in five foodbank referrals, new research shows. Welfare Weekly. Read article.

Still too poor to buy food. Church Times. Read article.

Over 1 million emergency food parcels given out in UK in last year, and number set to rise. Feast magazine. Read article.

New foodbank findings revealed. The Baptist Times. Read article.

One in three foodbank users are children – new report. TLG Christian News. Read article.

New report shows persistence of hunger in 21st century UK. Ekklesia. Read article.

One in three foodbank users are children – new report. Christian Today. Read article.

Still hungry: new food bank research sheds light on who faces hunger, why & for how long. Church Action on Poverty. Read the blog.

Jewish migrants preferred to Muslims. The Times. Read article (though may be pay-walled)

Brits prefer Jewish migrants over Muslims, study claims. The Jewish News. Read article.

Europeans’ view on migrants not driven by migration numbers: study. Politico. Read article.

Foster Care Is All About Gruffalo Time. Huffington Post. Read the blog.

Raising expectations in schools.The Telegraph. Read article.

How the ‘bedtime story gap’ is keeping the class system going. The Telegraph. Read article.

Poor parents play less with their children. The Times. Read article

Middle-class children increasingly hothoused to stay ahead. The Financial Times. Read article.

Just as things might be about to get better, the Tories put the boot in. The Canary. Read article.

Government urged to do more to tackle ‘yawning divide’ between rich and poor. Shropshire Star. Read article.



Tories’ failure to attract ethnic minority vote ‘could cost nine seats at election’. The Guardian. Read article.

Britain’s Muslim population is facing a number of problems – and most of them have nothing to do with extremism. The Independent. Read article

UK Pakistanis, Bangladeshis at higher risk of poverty: Report. Covered by Business Standard and the Daily Star.