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Here is the full list of CSI’s briefing notes:


CSI 35: Islamophobia


CSI 34: Did hate crime double after Brexit?

CSI 33: Subjective job insecurity


CSI 32: How do we build social integration among young people?

CSI 31: Is Britain more or less socially cohesive than other countries?


CSI 30: Cybercrime

CSI 29: Homelessness in the UK


CSI 28: Food insecurity and foodbank use

CSI 27: Are British parents investing less time in their children?

CSI 26: Muslim employment

CSI 25: Trends in educational mobility

CSI 24: Attitudes to Immigration

CSI 23: Child smoking

CSI 22: Social mobility of ethnic minorities

CSI 21: Social class mobility in modern Britain

CSI 20: Housing affordability in the UK

CSI 19: Children’s behavioural problems and well-being


CSI 18: Adult smoking in Great Britain

CSI 17: Who is at greatest risk of poor health?

CSI 16: Have we become more indebted?

CSI 15: The uneven distribution and decline of social capital in Britain

CSI 14: Is Britain becoming more corrupt?

CSI 13: Food insecurity and foodbank use

CSI 12: What progress has been made tackling Beveridge’s five giants?

CSI 11: Is Class Inequality at KS4 decreasing?

CSI 10: Are we becoming more or less ethnically-divided?

CSI 9: Is the UK becoming more gender equal?

CSI 8: Are we becoming lonelier and less civic?

CSI 7: Has our level of education increased?

CSI 6: Schools, healthcare and housing: Are we becoming overcrowded?

CSI 5: Unemployment and Insecurity in the UK Labour Market

CSI 4: Is crime really falling?

CSI 3: Is our subjective well-being improving?

CSI 2: What has been happening to incomes?

CSI 1: Are we living longer?