Social Mobility in Britain

Social class is the form of social inequality which is most consequential for individuals’ material well-being and, in turn, for a wide range of their life-chances and life-choices. We have published a series of briefing notes on this topic:

1) The first, by John Goldthorpe and Anthony Heath addresses the following question whether chances of social ascent or descent changed over recent decades?  This question was addressed by John Goldthorpe in his lecture at the British Academy on March 15th (see video below). Download the briefing note: CSI 21: Social class mobility in modern Britain

2) The second addresses how ethnic minority rates of mobility compare to the white British.  Download the briefing note: CSI 22: Social mobility of ethnic minorities

3) The third briefing note looks at the relationship between parents’ and child’s education for two cohorts and ask whether the changes to the educational system influenced the intergenerational transmission of advantage. Download the briefing note here: CSI 25 Trends in educational mobility


John Goldthorpe’s lecture: