Children’s behavioural problems

However much we might like them to be, no child is always happy, calm, and well-behaved. A certain amount of sadness, worry, restlessness and misbehaviour is entirely normal. But some children fare especially badly in one or more of these areas, and these characteristics are often – though certainly not always – carried with them through their lives. More formally, research indicates substantial continuity in psychosocial wellbeing from childhood to adulthood . Especially in the case of those who display antisocial behaviours, childhood problems often persist and inhibit one’s life chances generally . For instance, behavioural problems often go together with poor performance in school. How closely linked are such problems to a child’s social class background, and has this link strengthened or weakened over the last half-century?

These are the questions we attempt to address in this briefing note: CSI 19: Inequalities in children’s health