Is our subjective well-being getting better?

The economic and social progress of countries has traditionally been gauged by looking at the level and growth of GDP. However, it is increasingly recognized that reliance on a single economic measure is problematic for understanding quality of life: human well-being cannot be understood solely in terms of material resources. In order to gain a broader perspective of well-being in the UK, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) launched a new set of ‘National Well-Being’ measures in 2010. One domain of well-being identified for measurement along with health, relationships, and other essentials, is Subjective Well-Being (SWB). In this report we ask Who is most likely to experience low well-being? Has SWB increased over time? What impact did the recession have? And are the gaps widening over time?

Read the report here: CSI 3: Subjective Wellbeing

In February 2015, CSI contributed towards the British Academy debates on well-being. You can read our blogpost or read the accompanying commentary, or watch the full debate.