Class Inequalities

In our first report on this topic, we explore the effect of social class on educational attainment. Success in school examinations is a key driver of children’s future life-chances. We expect schools to have a significant impact on children’s learning. But children are also influenced by the lottery of life. They do not choose the family into which they are born and we know that family background has an important impact on educational outcomes. Has social class inequality in obtaining 5+ GCSEs increased over time? Are working-class boys particularly disadvantaged? To find out more you can read the report: CSI 11: Class Inequalities or watch this You Tube video by Colin Mills.

In our second report focused on class inequalities, we ask whether children’s behavioural problems and well-being are unequally distributed by social class and whether those inequalities are worsening over time. You can read the blog post or download the report CSI 19: Children’s behavioural problems and well-being