Social progress in Britain

How are we doing as a society? Are things getting better or worse for people living in the UK? We explore trends over time on several of the key indicators of social progress. Click on the below links to download our reports:

CSI 1: Life Expectancy

CSI 2: Income

CSI 3: Subjective Wellbeing

CSI 4: Crime

CSI 5: Unemployment

CSI 6: Overcrowding

CSI 7: Education

CSI 8: Social Capital

CSI 13: Food insecurity

CSI 14: Corruption

CSI 15: The uneven distribution and decline of social capital in Britain

CSI 16: Have we become more indebted?

CSI 17: Who is at greatest risk of poor health?

CSI 18: Adult smoking

CSI 19: Children’s behavioural problems and well-being

CSI 20: Housing affordability in the UK

CSI 23: Smoking among young people

CSI 25: Trends in educational mobility

CSI 27: Are British parents investing less time in their children?

CSI 28: Food insecurity and foodbank use

CSI 29: Homelessness in the UK