#stillhungry – new research on foodbank use in West Cheshire

The Centre for Social Investigation were commissioned by the West Cheshire Foodbank – which is part of the Trussell Trust foodbank network – to undertake detailed research into two years’ of referrals to West Cheshire Foodbank. This research provides some of the most systematic and detailed information ever presented about people receiving emergency food in the UK. It explores the personal characteristics of people using foodbanks, their reasons for referral and expected duration of income crises, alongside qualitative narratives of the experiences of people receiving emergency food in West Cheshire. The report also contains several recommendations for policies that might help reduce the need for foodbanks in the UK.

food-bank imageOur report, which was co-authored by West Cheshire Foodbank and the University of Chester, was published on 19th July 2016 and can be downloaded here.

The results of this project have been reported by BBC Radio Merseyside, BBC Radio Oxforddee 106.3, Jack FM, UCBChurch Action on Poverty, Christian Today, Welfare Weekly, TLG Christian News, Feast MagazineChurch TimesEkklesia, The Baptist TimesOxford Mail, Oxfordshire GuardianThe Daily Mirror, and The Guardian.