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New Research

New report on The changing origins of social mobility: socio-economic inequalities and changing opportunities for the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission. Our report examined the antecedents of social mobility and asked whether inequalities are widening over time. The report attracted widespread media coverage including an item by Mark Easton on the BBC TV news as well as articles on the BBC website and in The Times, the Financial Times, and The Telegraph (article and opinion piece).

New briefing notes on inequalities in children’s behavioural problems, UK housing affordability, social class mobility in Britain, social mobility of ethnic minorities, smoking among young people, attitudes to immigration.

New working papers on religion and poverty, and the incidence of bribery in Europe. Professor Anthony Heath and Dr Lindsay Richards, along with Nuffield colleague Nan Dirk de Graaf, published a review article on corruption for the Annual Review of Sociology.

Current projects

Dr Valentina Di Stasio is conducting a field experiment on ethnic discrimination in the labour market in Britain. This experiment will be harmonised with parallel experiments in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Spain. A new qualitative study of organizational practices aimed at mitigating discrimination, funded by the OUP John Fell Fund, will also be conducted.

Dr Elisabeth Garratt is working with the Trussell Trust on the scale and reasons underlying foodbank use.

CSI have commenced new research into attitudes towards immigration across Europe, some of which will be presented at the 3rd Annual conference of the European Social Survey next week.

Professor Anthony Heath and Magda Borkowska are working on a report for the Department of Communities and Local Government on the integration of ethnic minorities in Britain and the socio-economic consequences of integration gaps.


Professor Anthony Heath was a member of the judging panel for Business in the Community’s Race Equality Awards.

Dr Lindsay Richards took part in a roundtable discussion on inequality and social isolation with the All Party Parliamentary Group on wellbeing economics.

Professor Anthony Heath delivered the keynote lecture entitled ‘The political integration of ethnic minorities’ at the 25th anniversary celebration of the Institute for Social and Political Opinion Research at the University of Leuven, Belgium.

Professor Anthony Heath participated in a roundtable discussion on the long-term, impacts of the generational divide in attitudes to Europe with Common Vision and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung network.


Professor Anthony Heath wrote a guest blog post for Common Vision, arguing that the referendum campaign was not going to reach young ‘post-materialists’.

Dr Lindsay Richards wrote a guest blog post for the British Academy on social mobility to accompany Professor Goldthorpe’s public lecture. Can we ever return to a Golden Age of social mobility? The truth is that in relative terms, there never really was one.

Dr Asma Mustafa from the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies wrote a guest blog post for CSI in response to Channel 4’s documentary What British Muslims Really Think, contending that the survey and accompanying documentary ignored rich variation among British Muslims.

Professor Anthony Heath wrote an article on integration in Britain for a special issue of Bright Blue’s magazine Centre Write, arguing that encouraging levels of integration are undermined by high unemployment among ethnic minorities.

CSI submitted evidence to the parliamentary enquiry into employment opportunities for Muslims in the UK. Our submission is available on request – please email us at


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