Integrated Britain?

Almost every scholar, commentator and politician has their own definition of integration. My own approach is, first, to distinguish integration from assimilation. Assimilation I take to mean a process whereby migrants, and their descendants, increasingly come to be the same as other members of the society in their language, culture […]

A generational divide? *updated with video*

*Update* 22nd June 2016: CSI’s own Professor Heath features in CoVi’s video How can EU campaigners mobilise the #youthvote? CoVi have also put together some findings from the project so far into an interim report. The blog post below, written by Prof Heath, originally appeared on the Common Vision UK […]

Getting a foot on the ladder: Social mobility and unemployment of ethnic minorities in Britain

Both social class and ethnicity are divisive in Britain. Economic resources are unequally distributed between social classes, as they are between ethnic groups. Ethnic minorities are more likely to live in poverty and more likely to experience unemployment than the white British. This suggests that people belonging to an ethnic […]