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Is Britain more divided than other nations?

Declining social cohesion is sometimes seen as an inevitable and lamentable side effect of modernization. Modern societies are more geographically mobile than in the past perhaps bringing about changes in the way people within neighbourhoods relate to each other. Growing economic inequality is thought to have brought about greater ‘social […]

CSI Quarterly Newsletter: August 2017

Welcome to the Centre for Social Investigation eNewsletter, published 5th August 2017 (click here to download as pdf)   Announcements Our Brexit survey was launched earlier this month for our new ESRC-funded project intended to monitor changes in public attitudes relating to Brexit over the course of negotiations. Our survey […]

Should we be worried about cybercrime?

Levels of concern about cybercrime are high, with most people agreeing that cybercrime is on the increase and about two thirds expressing concern about data security. But are our worries warranted? Figures from the most recent Crime Survey for England and Wales suggested that 4.4% of people reported being a […]