New CSI research reveals high levels of job discrimination faced by ethnic minorities in Britain   Recently updated !

New research by CSI and colleagues at the GEMM project has revealed shocking levels of discrimination against job applicants from ethnic minority backgrounds. We made fictitious applications to nearly 3,200 real jobs, randomly varying applicants’ minority background, but holding their skills, qualifications and work experience constant. On average, nearly one in […]

CSI Newsletter October 2018

      23rd October 2018   Welcome to the Centre for Social Investigation eNewsletter which you can also download as a pdf.   CSI’s book published with OUP: Social Progress in Britain   Our New book published on 27th September, sets out how much progress Britain has made since 1942. […]

What do art preferences have to do with political preferences? New research article

New paper from the Brexit project: Preference for realistic art predicts support for Brexit. Read or download here. Following the UK’s EU referendum in June of 2016, there has been considerable interest from scholars in understanding the characteristics, identities and attitudes that differentiate those who supported Leave from those who supported […]

CSI Newsletter June 2018

      8th June 2018   Welcome to the Centre for Social Investigation eNewsletter which you can also download as pdf. New Research Out today! We have been helping The Migration Observatory update their briefing on UK Public Opinion toward Immigration. One fascinating finding is that attitudes towards immigration in […]

People’s Stated Reasons for Voting Leave or Remain

What reasons do people give to justify their vote choice for Leave or Remain? And, what are the reasons they think the other side voted as they did? New briefing note CSI Brexit 4: People’s Stated Reasons for Voting Leave or Remain. Summary of the findings:   Several different surveys and […]

The UK Social Mobility Awards: Case Studies by CSI

CSI has been of working with Making the Leap and the UK Social Mobility Awards to write up a set of case studies of the 2017 award winners. The full report can be downloaded here. Read highlights below. Making social progress is slow work. If we take a long view […]

CSI Newsletter February 2018

22nd February 2018 Welcome to the Centre for Social Investigation eNewsletter.   New Research We have published several new short articles on the drivers of Brexit-related preferences. A new briefing note, by Noah Carl, on the role of national identity showed that people who see themselves primarily as “English” were […]

Is Britain more divided than other nations?

Declining social cohesion is sometimes seen as an inevitable and lamentable side effect of modernization. Modern societies are more geographically mobile than in the past perhaps bringing about changes in the way people within neighbourhoods relate to each other. Growing economic inequality is thought to have brought about greater ‘social […]